“I undoubtedly feel a stronger sense of stability in my life.”

” I started going to therapy very early in my life. I can’t really say that none of the many therapies I tried helped me, however, I never really felt that I was progressing towards a stronger self. After many attempts with different therapists, I decided to give up and forget all about it. I spent many years drifting on my own and worse feelings of insecurity and fear grew bigger and deeper.

It was in that stage I came to MONADA, with a broken self and almost my last hope to try to find stability and purpose. Even though I came with very clear ideas of how I wanted the therapy to be, Nancy helped me to discover new emotional yet intellectual ways to find truth and foundation in my life. After so many years of inner struggle, I find that the speed of my progress after this therapy was really astonishing. I find her approach very flexible and smart. Nancy built our sessions through exercises and assignments that really helped me to identify important areas of improvement but also of strength.

After my sessions with Nancy, I undoubtedly feel a stronger sense of stability in my life. I am now ready to face new challenges and continue working towards inner peace and purpose. “

– Natalia, 36 yr.