“Helping me find inner serenity.”

“When I moved to The Netherlands seeing a psychologist was long overdue for me but only here did I find the will to turn to it. I was recommended Nancy as an English speaking therapist and tried her and another out for a test session. Not only was hers appreciable because it was free so I could truly choose if I wanted to go, but from the first session I felt truly comfortable and taken care of as she mapped out what a journey with her might look like.

She really helps to ask yourself the right questions and organize the answers to get a big picture of yourself without ever telling you what she thinks you should do, she has more of a way of guiding you towards what you want and giving you the tools to succeed. I thought 8 sessions would never be enough since I was carrying years of anxiety and feelings of confusion on my shoulders but it turned out the pace and time we spent were perfect.

I recommend Nancy to anyone, big or small. She is soothing, caring and keeps a professional demeanor which is crucial to the deconstruction process. Thanks again for helping me find inner serenity. You’re the only one that can fix yourself but she definitely gives you the right tools to succeed.”

– Leila, 27 yr