“Helped me to feel hope again, then happiness, then the courage to chase my dreams.”

“I came to MONADA in the midst of an unexpected and debilitating tragedy that really impacted my mental health. It didn’t just help me get through a rough patch… It changed my life for the better in a singular and significant way.

Nancy has a warm, conversational and emotionally-intelligent approach that makes you feel immediately safe to work through complex and dark emotions without being consumed by them. My therapy sessions during this critical time helped me to feel hope again, then happiness, then the courage to chase my dreams.

Despite my moving to a different country and my crises long behind me, Nancy and I continue sessions online, which I’m really enjoying!

Now that I’m more stable and happy, we’re now working on a new challenge: self-improvement, which for me involves a lot of reconnecting with my ‘real’ self, rewiring the negative self-talk in my mind to be kinder and establishing healthy boundaries with other people. I think these sessions have been equally valuable to my wellbeing as the ones that focused on helping me through my mental health crisis.

Though it can be hard for some people (myself included) to justify the time/monetary cost of therapy, it really does give the best return on investment of all ‘self care’ options, especially when considering Quality of Life indicators like, “Is my relationship more stable?”, “Am I feeling less beaten down by my job?” and “Is my inner voice kinder and less critical than it used to be?” and “Do I feel more optimistic about the future?” For me, the answer to all these questions is a resounding YES.

MONADA helped me fight my way out of a low point in my life, but the reason I keep returning is because it is helping me build the life I want.”

– Linda, 29 yr