“Embracing the past and thus be more ready for the future.”

“I approached Nancy based on a recommendation with three specific areas I wanted to work on which I knew I have to do in order to move forward. On our first meeting we agreed on a package of sessions Nancy thought would be sufficient for me and also explained further steps.

What I appreciated the most was her approach. Very professional but still very human. By explaining everything I needed based on facts from psychology she helped me to understand myself better. Nancy gave my thoughts the structure. She gave me the tools for embracing the past and thus be more ready for the future.

Doing the therapy is not always an easy path to walk on but Nancy brought the light to my dark moments and the support to the moments of my transformation which I was looking for.

We finished our regular sessions but we are going to continue with couple of check-up sessions per year as not only we should take care of our physical health but of our mental health as well.”

– Lenka, 30 yr-